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Registering a domain, you risk exposing your email and phone number to spammers and online fraudsters. With this service your personal data is safe.

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We now provide an advanced DNS option for your domain free of cost. Includes URL forwarding, Email forwarding DNS records management as well.

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You can easily change the domain nameservers from our panel. You can use our nameservers for free or other hosting nameservers.


Protect your domain from expiring and accidentally being lost by enabling auto-renewal. Switch back to manual renewal at any time.

About .name Domains

.NAME domain names are perfect for creating a web presence that is uniquely your own. It’s personal and non-commercial—it’s all about you.

Why choose a .NAME domain?

  • .NAME domains are intended for personal use
  • There are no restrictions on .NAME registrations

About .NAME domain names

The .NAME domain name was designed with YOU in mind. When you buy a .NAME, you’re buying an Internet address as individual and unique as you. Having a domain that is yourname.NAME is personal and non-commercial. It is one of the best ways to establish a digital identity that is unique to you.

When the .NAME domain name was first launched in 2002, it only allowed for third level registrations (i.e. bob.smith.NAME). This was to reduce the amount of cybersquatting on popular surnames. However, in 2004, second level .NAME domains became available (i.e. smith.NAME or bobsmith.NAME)

When registering a .NAME, you will rarely have to worry about trademark issues, if at all. After all, your name is just that – YOUR name. Due to the fact that with .NAME domain names, we are dealing with personal names, there is very little chance that trademarks or any other form of protection will be involved.

There are no restrictions on .NAME domain name registrations

The .NAME domain is meant for individuals, including real and fictional personas. Although there are no restrictions for registration of a .NAME, they can be challenged if the name registered is close to, or the same as, a trademarked name (i.e. Mickey Mouse).

More Information
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