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About .COM.AL Domain

Albanian Domain is .AL and is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Albania. It is administered by the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority of Albania (AKEP). AKEP recommends that .al domain registrations be performed with one of the AKEP accredited registrars.

Who can Register an Albanian Domain?

Registering .AL domains are allowed natural and legal persons, Albanian and foreign, with no local presence requirements.

Second-level domains (.COM.AL, .NET.AL, .ORG.AL or .EDU.AL) do require a local presence.

Domain names should be between 2 and 63 characters. Although the Albanian language has some special characters, the registry has not enabled the use of IDN characters.

Trademarks and Patents:

The applicant should consult the official website of the General Directorate of Industrial Property to see if the domain he is going to register is not a “Trademark” listed on the official DPPI Website. If the domain belongs to a trademark that belongs to a third party, then the applicant agrees to release/waive this domain within 30 days of being notified, losing any right to appeal or any claim for compensation, if the same domain name is claimed or will be required to be owned by the lawful owner of the trademark/patent/industrial design.

The applicant of the domain should provide correct contact information and a unique identifier (e.g. business registration for companies, personal identifier for individuals). If incorrect data is provided the domain will be refused by the Registry.

Personal ID number, found in the identity card or passport of the registrant should be correct and should correspond with the country provided by the applicant in the Country field.

The address of the applicant should be correct and fully detailed containing: Street name/number, Building name/number, Entrance number, Floor number, apartment number, or further details if available. Failing to provide your fully detailed address will result in a refusal of domain registration by the Registry. The address field should not contain special characters. Only letters, numbers, and comma are allowed.

ZIP code should not contain any blank spaces.

The telephone/Mobile number provided by the applicant should be correct and should correspond to the Country that the Registrant has provided in the Country’s field.

The domain that you are looking for should not be in forbidden domain names or in reserved domain names