What is MailChannels delivery?

MailChannels Cloud is an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) relay service that checks and identifies spammers in the network and eliminate email issues to prevent IP address blacklisting. It can maintain better email reputation and makes sure the emails reach exact destination successfully.

How Does Mailchannels Work?
MailChannels detects and blocks hijacked accounts and provides alerts to take action. Content filters and behavior-based policy is put in place and enforced to protect your legitimate messaging and your corporate image.

MailChannel’s system uses artificial intelligence to identify the sender of each message and tracks sender behavior to limit spamming from customer accounts. Each account receives something similar to a credit score to gauge the potential risks of each user to the network. That applies to all accounts, whether from an active user, an application, or a web page contact form.

MailChannels Techniques

  • A digital signature is used when checking the contents of an email in real-time against an updated database of spam offenders.
  • Repeating offenses may result in limiting or blocking messages from this account.
  • MailChannels also checks external databases such as domain monitoring services to identify email messages associated with known spam.
  • The system analyzes the response from the target server and uses this to identify possible spam for every email.
  • Tracks a variety of statistics for each sender related to volume, validation issues, and suspicious content to help in rating potential risks.
  • This platform logs information on every email sent from a server making it easier to search several months worth of logs to investigate concerns over email delivery.
  • MailChannels creates non-delivery reports for every rejected email for every account to help spot potential problems.