Advantages of CloudLinux

What is CloudLinux ?

CloudLinux is an operating system designed for hosting providers. It functions to improve data security, stability and density by separating all tenants using shared server resources into distinct lightweight virtualized environment (LVE), in order to improve or limit the server resources of each tenant. The above procedure in the separations of tenants has contributed in the following ways:

  • It helps to secure the server from slowing down due to the activities of one or more clients.
  • It separates its tenants from one another to limit security breaches.
  • It limits the spread of malware and virus within any client’s website.

In addition to the above, there are several other benefits of using CloudLinux on website’s hosting, these benefits may include:

Stability features

The realization of private virtual space is one of the most important reason/benefit and feature of CloudLinux OS. In the private virtual space, your own bubbles protect your website against the activities of other hosted servers trying to slow or clash your server. With this stability features, your website will deliver fewer error messages to people trying to access your page, thereby creating higher volume of traffic.

Security features

CloudLinux usually release new security patches to keep client’s website protected. The lightweight virtualized environment (LVE) helps to prevent malwares and hackers from accessing vulnerable files or getting your information from other users on the server. In other words, CloudLinux helps to create bubbles, which protect your hosting account by neither letting hackers access your data nor letting your data from getting out.

Customer isolation

Unlike other servers who gets dragged down when one account goes, CloudLinux’ lightweight virtualization environment does not only protect individual accounts from malicious attacks, it also protects the entire server from being affected when one account goes down. It achieves this by controlling the amount of RAM and CPU That can be utilized in running an operation within any server.